Business Value from IT

Business Value from IT

TalkTalk – Cloud Strategy and Operating Model

TalkTalk Telecom Group plc is a company which provides pay television, telecommunications, internet access and mobile network services to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom. TalkTalk is all about consistently giving customers the best value for money experience in the market and reinforcing this commitment through continual product innovation.

The Challenge

TalkTalk had identified the need to simplify its IT infrastructure and operation. As a service provider, TalkTalk could call upon a wealth of internal technical skills to assist in developing a suitable strategy for infrastructure services within the business. However they recognised the need to exploit the benefits from innovative and disruptive developments, including hybrid cloud, virtualised storage and smart-sourcing, in their strategy.

Virtrium’s Approach

Virtrium worked with TalkTalk staff to develop a reference architecture based upon a set of high level principles agreed with the business. Multiple options were reviewed to create an overall architecture that met the immediate business requirements, but also defined a strategy for development in the future. Key to this approach was the flexibility of the architecture design to adopt alternative sourcing models in order to continue presenting value to the business.

TalkTalk also required a matching operating model which would allow future developments to be implemented and supported. Virtrium conducted a high level organisational and process design to ensure that future business change could be absorbed without disruptive effect.

The Outcome

A clear roadmap was developed which aligned with the business strategy and had the full buy in of the management team. The strategy and operating model will deliver a standardised, consolidated and simple to operate capability. The benefits of this plan will be; value for money; flexibility; scalability; and a fit for purpose infrastructure. The plan avoids Vendor lock in and supports the ability to make optimum use of external cloud and next generation services as they evolve.


“Virtrium brought market expertise to professionally challenge our internal thinking and ensure we made best use of cloud services. This made our strategy robust and future-proof.”

Martin Wyke - Chief Information Officer

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