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Sourcing and managing suppliers effectively helps businesses to address several challenges and can have a major impact on business growth, revenue and cost.


Why you might need our help

  • IT solutions are much more complex than they were only a few years ago. Today each layer in the technology stack has multiple options from multiple vendors. Piecing the jigsaw together has never been more complicated. Sourcing needs to reflect this to gain and maintain cost control and supplier service quality
  • The National Living Wage, higher business rates, inflation and Brexit-influenced exchange rate fluctuations are all driving costs up. More favourable supplier pricing can deliver significant bottom line cost reductions, liberating funds either to increase profits or invest elsewhere
  • The internet gives consumers all the information they need to make fully informed decisions – they are frequently better informed than the businesses they buy from. This, combined with the rise of game-changing businesses like Amazon, Uber and Apple means consumers’ expectations of quality, speed of delivery and value continue on an ever upward path. Managing suppliers well improves fulfilment and quality and provides the flexibility needed to meet rapidly changing customer expectations
  • Changing the insourced/outsourced balance can improve service quality, reduce costs, increase flexibility and ease of management, provide access to essential skills and enable transformational change

What Virtrium can offer

Our service to improve sourcing and supplier management has four broad categories, which can be provided in any combination to suit individual circumstances and needs:

  • Sourcing – Sourcing strategy development, supplier selection and contracting
  • Supplier Management – Active management of supplier performance and continuous improvement
  • Supplier Savings Delivery – Rapid, significant reduction of expenditure
  • Transition Management – Management of transition from current to future sourcing arrangements
  • Benchmarking – quantifying value compared with other IT organisations

How do we deliver

We tailor our approaches for sourcing and supplier management to meet each client’s needs. Typically, they include:

  • Sourcing:
    • Sourcing strategy development – align with business strategy, agree service delivery options, roadmap move to new sourcing environment
    • Supplier selection – supplier identification and shortlisting, accelerated RFP process, proposal evaluation, facilitated selection
    • Contracting – ensure that contracts meet clients’ needs,  and renegotiate problem contracts and relationships
  • Supplier Management –  build client capability and effectiveness in managing adherence to service level agreements, compliance and risk management, managing relationships and contract changes and exits
  • Supplier Savings Delivery – identification of current expenditure patterns and savings opportunities
  • Transition management – apply the Change Framework, project management and SME input as required.
  • Benchmarking – collect and review available performance data; review contracts and change schedules; interview sample stakeholders; source market-pricing for services; analyse and report