Business Value from IT

Business Value from IT

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Change and Transformation

There are two types of transformation which we can help with:

IT Enabled Business Transformation

  • Using IT as an agent of business change
  • Identifying technology enabled continuous improvement or truly game-changing transformational opportunities

Transformation of IT

  • Transformation of the entire IT function
  • Transformation of one or more IT components, eg Service, Sourcing, infrastructure

Why you might need our help

We have been helping companies transform over many years and can summarise the reasons why transformation becomes necessary:

  • Costs are too high
  • There is a need to increase the efficiency of service delivery
  • Sourcing is not optimised
  • Current technology constrains the business
  • There is evidence of poor governance of IT investment
  • There is evidence of poor management of data and information

What Virtrium can offer

We select and use the relevant parts of our Strategy/Architecture/Transformation lifecycle and Change Framework to support our clients.

Our input can range from supplying skilled SMEs, through putting a PMO in place, to design and delivery of entire transformation programmes. Our aim is that at the end of the assignment our client is fully capable and self-sufficient.

We also help coach and mentor client executives and teams to transform their organisations themselves.

How do we deliver

Every transformation programme is different and requires a made-to-measure combination of activities that build on our strategy/architecture/transformation lifecycle.

A typical transformation will be based upon assembling a joint team of porfessionals from both Virtrium and the client, balancing the resources throughout the programme.

We use a range of diagnostic, planning and implementation support tools and techniques.