Business Value from IT

Business Value from IT

IT Strategy

Future State Technology

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Operating Model

Change and Transformation

Virtrium will help you on your Transformational Journey – we will guide you through:

  • defining and developing a suitable strategy
  • building the appropriate architecture and
  • making sure your business is transformed


Virtrium will help you to meet your overall business objectives – which might be to:

  • drive revenue
  • reduce costs
  • increase customer satisfaction or
  • boost business performance.

We will work with you and make sure we leave you empowered and informed.



Strategy means:

  • Aligning your IT and business strategies
  • Matching IT governance to business governance
  • Defining the applications required to deliver the outcomes you need, infrastructure and hosting arrangements, integration requirements and provisioning, key providers, technologies or products, security and authentication requirements, and how information is to be managed

We help you to develop the right strategy by combining our knowledge of the IT marketplace and approaches other businesses use, with leading techniques and the right level of engagement with your people.


Architecture translates the strategy into specific architectural requirements. Architecture typically has a number of components:

  • The Application Architecture defines how applications will be developed, supported and managed
  • The Information Architecture establishes a common approach for information sharing and storage
  • The Technical Architecture cost effectively delivers the underlying infrastructure to meet the needs of the Application and Information Architectures.

The target operating model describes the desired state of the operations of the business and connects operational processes and people to the IT Strategy.

Driven by the governance strategy, the design of the IT governance model is closely linked to the organisational structure and shaped by the operating model.

Our experience, engaging approach and model documents help you to develop the right architecture, operating model and governance and to build the necessary commitment to them.


We believe that if you don’t know why you are doing something or how to measure the results, you shouldn’t be doing it. Transformation therefore starts with investment appraisal and planning to develop a suitable business case and approach

Significant implementations usually involve changes to people and processes as well as technology. We use our experience and best practice tools to determine what changes are needed, where and when. We guide you through implementation, measure the outcomes and plan further improvements. We match our capability to that of your organisation, engage people throughout to build commitment, and transfer skills to equip your team for the future.